We take the scary out of SEO.

seo for wellness professionals


You've clarified your brand.


And ideal client avatar.

You've built your list.


And a solid social presence.

So why aren't more patients showing up?

Because you're not showing up on Google.

Welcome to


Practical SEO for busy wellness pros

The 5-module course that turns SEO

back into a 3-letter word.

SEO is for small fries, too.

Search Engine Optimization isn't just for the big boys.

It's not only accessible to your small practice, it's necessary to scale.


SEO is an easy-to-learn strategy that amplifies the marketing you're already doing so new patients can find you on the interwebs.

Go ahead, take it for a test drive.

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Google gets 70,000

wellness-related searches every minute.

What are your potential patients searching for?

And one billion health questions per day.

What questions do your patients

have about their problems?

Is your website showing up in those searches?

Is another practice seeing your patients & selling tons of courses?

Delve into DIY SEO.

We're not kidding when we say we take the scary out of SEO.

In DIY SEO, you soar to the top of Google—no tech mastery required.

Let's get going.

Module 1:

Niching & Intro to SEO

Module 2:

Keywords & Intro to AI

Module 3:

Creating Optimized Content

Module 4:

Off-Site SEO

Module 5:

Technical Considerations

Happy Clinicians,

Happening Practices

Mia G.
San Diego, CA


As a technophobe, I was skeptical. She made it so easy and clear. The slides are great—I now have a totally user-friendly map of how to promote my business over time, step by step.

She went above and beyond my expectations by staying on the calls overtime to make sure all my questions were answered. We all got individual attention and I learned a lot from her responses to other participants' questions.

Danee B.
Austin, TX

I loved this class!

The information you provided is fantastic, and the supportive community is a huge bonus.

Prior to the class, SEO was a complete mystery to me.

I've gone from 'SEO WTF' to confidently 'SEO in the know!'

Sonia S.

Montgomery, TX

I came into DIY SEO not knowing a thing about SEO. I even have to admit, it scared me a bit!

The different modules were so interesting and fun, I absolutely loved them!

I was able to put everything I learned during the course into practice really easily.

I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their online presence, you will be happy you decided to take the plunge and learn more about SEO.


I HATE technology. Is SEO right for me?

I understand.

The bad news is that some technological know-how is required for successful SEO.

The good news is that I'll lead you through each step so you feel empowered instead of overwhelmed.

You'll finish class with all your questions answered, and SEO will become a seamless part of your current marketing.

Isn't SEO complicated? How can we learn everything in just 5 modules?

As with any subject, SEO can get super complicated.

DIY SEO is designed to give you the most powerful but practical aspects of SEO in our five hours of live class and Q&A. Some days we go over time due to in-depth SEO and marketing discussions—it's a blast, and yes, we'll cover everything.

Another company tried to sell me SEO in the past, and it felt spammy and convoluted.

How do I know this isn't a scam?

Ugh, I've been on that end of SEO, too, and it isn't pretty.

We're a small, female-owned wellness marketing agency that wants to see you thrive. Please sign up for the course sample above, and take a look inside the modules. You'll quickly see this SEO offering isn't a scam.

Are you qualified to teach SEO?

Why yes, yes I am. :)

I started out self-taught, but have now taken courses from Google, Moz, and Ahrefs, the most trusted names in search engine optimization.

Plus, I've been in your shoes. I've worked clinically, created and sold products, and have my MS in nutrition. With DIY SEO, you get top-notch SEO education with a clinician's perspective.

How long does it take for SEO to start working?

SEO draws more people to your website immediately!

But be aware that SEO alone isn't a marketing strategy. You have to implement the strategies you'll learn in DIY SEO into your current marketing plan (we cover that in modules 1 and 2).

Will SEO fit into my current marketing plan?


Not only will it fit into your current marketing plan, it will amplify every marketing move you make to reach more of your ideal patients.

Sign up for DIY SEO and receive...

5 hours of SEO instruction with Victoria LaFont, M.S., wellness marketing expert, to take your practice to page 1 of Google.

Deeper understanding of niche marketing, the profound importance of keyword research, why content is crucial for SEO efforts, why collaboration literally leads to SEO success, and practical (read: NOT scary!) coaching on Google Analytics & Google Search Console.

Access to the exact SEO tools The LaFont Agency uses in their business, so you can streamline & monitor your efforts in real time.

Lifetime access to all course materials including videos, hyperlinked slides, and marketing templates.

The satisfaction of knowing you're a marketing badass who took the next step toward creating a sustainable, profitable practice.

Cost: $497

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